to Dec 30

Women of the Bible - Solo Exhibition

Betak/Frangoulis Art Gallery at Canterbury Chapel, Tuscaloosa, AL

Women have been an enigma since the creation of Eve. Why was she created? Is she man’s equal? Is she the weaker sex? "Women of the Bible" celebrates the beauty, audacity, and faith of our biblical fore-mothers. Sometimes the Bible records a single incident. Some names are unknown. Yet, their stories are inspiring. I created this collection to elevate respect for God’s most beautiful complex creation, Woman.

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to Aug 19

Swiss Art Expo

SBB Eventhall Zürich Main Station

• 80,000 visitors daily
• In the SBB event hall directly under the sculpture "Nana" by Niki de St.Phalle
• Over 400'00 contacts during the entire exhibition period
• All visitors are welcome, access to the exhibition is free of charge
• Latest digital technology in combination with original works of art

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