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Women of the Bible - Solo Exhibition

Betak/Frangoulis Art Gallery at Canterbury Chapel, Tuscaloosa, AL

Since the creation of Eve, the debate has been, “Did woman enhance or hinder the life of man?” Sometimes we are told only one episode in a woman’s life. Is it fair to judge a woman based on a single act? Does one act define her entire character? Did she feel remorse? Was she redeemed? For some of these women, the answers are a mystery.

This collection was inspired by a little book titled, Prayer Through the Eyes of Women of the Bible. It was given to me by a childhood friend when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As a read the book, I was amazed how God used ordinary women for extraordinary purposes.

By exhibiting this collection, I hope it will encourage women to use their life as a positive vessel for the glory of God. And I hope it will encourage men to have more respect for God’s most beautiful and complex creation, Woman.

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